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The most memorable moment of my life, at least in recent memory, is when I travelled to Sarajevo. 
I arrived on a bus in the wee hours of the morning which dropped me off at the outskirts of the city.  As there was no pubilc transportation running at that hour, I walked for quite a few hours to get into town.  It was unreal to see the progressive change in the urban landscape: I saw buildings that were pock-marked from mortar shells change to beautiful mosques to an urban centre. 
I was also a vegetarian at the time and didn't know that pretty much anywhere you go in Sarajevo, meat is on the menu.  After settling my things at the hostel, I walked the city for another three hours, searching for something to eat before breaking down in tears on a street corner because I was hungry.  I returned to the hostel in despair, where a fellow guest told me about "sropska".  It's basically a greek salad without the olives.  That's pretty much what I ate the entire duration of my stay there.
Sarajevo is situated in a valley surrounded by hilly mountains.  A river runs through the city.  Considering the landscape, it's amazing the people survived the Seige considered they'd be surrounded by snipers who were perched in the mountains and surrounded the city.  I did visit the museum that permanently e
Upon my return to Canada after my holiday abroad, I picked up Stephen Galloway's book "The Cellist of Sarajevo" and thought it was so cool to read such an accurate depiction of a city and country I had recently visited. 
27/2/2013 07:02:45

This makes me think of the time when I travelled to the Dominican Republic. It's such a culture shock when you leave an area you are comfortable with. We stayed at a beautiful resort where all you see is paradise, and we went on a tour which brought us into reality of whats going on to the world it was far from it. Im happy you were able to turn a negative experience into a positive!

27/2/2013 07:21:32

i can relate to this because i have had memorable moments during a trip. sometimes the food in other countries can be surprising and you don't like it and you don't know what to eat. Sarajevo sounds like a nice place. i would like to go to bosnia and Herzegovina one day. as i would like to go to every country in europe. very interesting

Jordan Lam
27/2/2013 10:45:08

I think this is important because quite often we take everyday scenery, actions and objects for granted, such as cellular devices, internet accessibilities and especially our wide and diverse menu. Quite often I find myself pondering of a life opposite mine, one of which I don't live at all the same as the way I do now. Heavy Stuff.

Your story also makes me wonder more about your trip, as you left a very well placed cliff hanger after you said you visited the museum ;) I'm literally pooping in my seat am so anxious to hear what comes next!

27/2/2013 23:55:07

Thanks, guys, for your comments!

I definitely look back on my trip to Bosnia as my favourite trip ever! It's so different from the rest of Europe. One of the other things I noticed that instead of churches everyone, there are mosques, which was a welcome relief to see when I arrived in Sarajevo as by then I had already been "churched-out" as a tourist!

And you never know about the meat when you travel to another country! I think it was in my best interest to be a vegetarian while I travelled... even if I did break down and cry at one point!

The museum was cool. I read about how cigarettes were literally used as currency, and found out the value of everyday items in cigarettes. I also saw saw home-made rifles, which seemed pretty frightening. I don't know if I could trust myself to use a home-made weapon.

I'm curious to know what your favourite trips are, and what are some of the most memorable experiences from those trips!

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