From the blog the Top 100 technology blogs for teachers, I have selected to discuss 16. Teachers Love SMART Boards and 38. DIY U.
Teachers Love SMART Boards is the winner of the “Best Ed Tech Support Blog” award for the 2008 Edublog Awards.  Podcasts on how to use SMART Boards in the classroom are available to view on this blog.  The blog seems very visually and user friendly, and readers can search blog posts by category or month.  Also, for those readers who don't have time to be continually checking back to the blog for new posts, they can subscribe by email, subscribe to an RSS feed, or follow on FaceBook and Twitter.
The blogger of DIY U has achieved noteriety by appering in various documentaries about higher education.  Links to interesting videos and interviews about education are available on the blog.  She has an edgy style of writing and publishing which may appeal to younger educators, and possibly even students graduating high school or entering post-secondary.  She discusses higher level topics such as the current state of education, its future, standardized testing, the use of technology in education, and much more!  The blog also provides contact information should educators be interested in having her as a guest speaker at their institution.

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